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 Here are some things to know about my company;  some things we are good at.

1.  PROBLEM SOLVING.  Over many years I've been presented with a wide variety of difficult construction problems on my jobs, and I can virtually always find solutions and make timely decisions.  As a client wrote to me recently, "experience really counts!"

2.  COMMUNICATION.  I consider clear verbal and written communication to be vital to a successful construction process, and I work hard to keep everyone involved "in the loop."  I am able to work comfortably and productively with clients, architects, suppliers and tradespeople from highly varied backgrounds.

3.  GETTING THINGS DONE.  When you hire my company, you will find that the work moves steadily forward;  we will not tear up your house and then disappear for days on end!  I know that remodeling, in particular, is inevitably disruptive to the lives of my clients, and I strive to complete the work as quickly and efficiently as possible.

4.  PERSONAL CONDUCT.  You will find my tradespeople and subcontractors to be respectful and considerate.  We do our best to make you happy with not only the final product but also the process of construction or remodeling.  We are more than willing to accommodate any special concerns you may have regarding your family, your work, or your pets.  

5.  QUALITY.  When we are done with your project, it will look really good, and if you pay attention to the work as it progresses, you will also see our attention to detail and our concern for sound workmanship.  Everyone on my team takes a lot of pride in their work;  I choose my subcontractors for top quality and service rather than for low price.

6.  SERVICE.  If anything in our work should prove defective, we will repair it at no charge, even if the defect becomes evident years after we are done.  I don't offer a fixed warranty period, but rather wish to assure you that whatever your concerns, you will be treated fairly.